An Overview about This Community

We made this discussion forum for the candidates who want to share their Knowledge, asking doubts and to gain knowledge about an exam/ job they wish to attend. We are inviting you and your friends to join with this platform with us and help us to create a Community of aspirants who wish to attend for the various exams by Aided, Unaided and Autonomous organizations In India. To post a question or replay an answer, you have to create an account with us first. You can sign-up for 99entranceexams forums with your webmail or by using the social site accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Below, we‘d added some guidelines and General info about our web forum.


Take this as a Great platform to discuss your queries with the other ones in this community, help us make this as a place to discuss all the queries related to your entrance exams in India. Be respectful with our other members who were subscribed for this forum. Never add a discussion topic or an open question that related to promotion of a Product or a Company or an insult of a Person or a Community.
We never wish to terminate any of our subscribers from this group, but in case if any kinds of misbehavior approach noticed in terms of violation activities like Name-calling, deliberate posting of link to promote website, Ad hominem attacks, and Knee-jerk contradiction then for maintaining the transparency of rest of the community we will ban that user’s access from our database.


A subscriber can ask or post a replay in the forum without any involvement of intermediate forum Moderator. Your comment will become live once after clicking the replay icon or Create Topic icon shown right under the post. To maintain the transparency deal, we’d deployed forum contributors to monitor all the answers and queries published in the forum. Any unethical replays/ Answers/ Topics shall be removed from this space without a Prior Notification. In case your reply or questions, missing from this forum or you feel that it was terminated from the primary location without a justification, please inform with us. Forward your queries to (OR)

Things Don’t

  • Never add any comments that are offensive, or sexually explicit, abusive or hate speech in the forum. Such sorts of comments will be considered as an offensive to the community and without a Prior Notification the moderator has all the rights to modify or delete the comment.
  • Never add an unclear question in the forum. This is a kind request to all the users and also makes sure that the links that you are adding to the forum discussions are genuine in according to the query.
  • Never share your forum password to a second person, a user account is legitimate to access for one person. Sharing the user account to another person is considered as a forum violation activity.
  • Never add a query to this forum other than English language, as English is a Globally speaking language and our database have wide range of users from diverse language backgrounds, to maintaining the equality we allows only the writings in English Language. Don’t use any short IM (Instant Messaging) type writings in this post, for impressing our other subscribers and for getting fast replays for your question, we are suggesting the contributors to write in impeccable language.

Keep Forum Tidy

Before start using our forum, you have to know about the functionality of basis integrated settings
To Add a Comment: Sign up first, you can find the signup link at the top right hand side of the forum. Use your webmail/ Facebook account/ Google plus account for creating an account with Then after customize your account with profile image, User name and personal details.
Unable to access the account: If you get log-in errors while accessing, there might be two reasons: the primary reason is you forgot your log-in credentials that saved with our DB and the second reason is you forum admins might blocked you because of a fishy activity.
To post a New Question: Click on +New Topic and then add title and content, then select the relevant category (Right side adjacent to title) and then click on “+ Create Topic” to post a New questions.
For further assistance, mail at (OR)